Aug 3, 2011
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Mending player-umpire relations must be a priority

You’ve all been waiting for my comments on Yadi’s actions. I didn’t see it live. I don’t watch extras anymore because of our bullpen. I’d rather sleep than water another extra inning home run. But, I’ve seen the clips, read the stories and the speculations about what’s to come. Suspension is inevitable.

I don’t remember where I saw it, but one said as long as a week, if not 10 games. THAT’S ABSURD.

I say 4 games and even that’s a bit much. The pitch was way outside, he over reacted, but the ump was wrong. Flat out wrong and, from what it sounds like, had been all night. And missed a call the night before. When do umps get fined for bad calls? Respect between the two needs to be gained, but maybe it’s time for younger eyes. I don’t want to see instant reply on strikes and balls ever, because that’d be dumb, but they need to get these calls right or at least on catchers. Catchers know the true strike zone better than any other player on the field. You might as well not use umps to call strikes and balls while catchers are batting. 

And, I didn’t really want to bring this up, but I will anyway. Johnny Cueto only got 7 games for ending Jason RaLue’s career. (No, I’m not over it and neither is any Cardinal fan.) Yadi didn’t end anyone’s career therefore more than 7 is redonkulous.

The baseball pineal system needs to be revamped. Standards for player-ump interaction and penalties. Standards for player-player altercations. Standards for bench clearing chats. Standards for bench clearing brawls. Retroactive effects for injuries sustained that end careers. (Ok, that might be a bit much.) But in that latter, in that severity. Pitchers need to be punished in starts/appearances, not games, or we’ll get another Cueto freebie running around.

  1. jheath said: The pitch was way INside actually. And what’s a pullben?
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